Where to watch Game of Thrones Season 7

The wait is over. Season 7 kicks off on Sunday the 26th of July. It’s that sunday night HBO we all know and love. Except of course those of us who don’t have HBO. Below we’ve ranked all the ways you shouldn’t and shouldn’t watch Episode 1.

For the goody two-shoes


So where can you watch Game of Thrones season 7 legally? Foxtel Now! Having earlier failed to nab the distribution rights to Game of Thrones for its (now defunct) on-demand player Presto, Foxtel has gotten their hot little hands on GOT Season 7. This is where to watch it. For $15 per month you can watch dragons and decapitations to your hearts content.

It’s not just for those dinosaurs with a Foxtel set-top box either. Foxtel Now allows you to stream on-demand with your mobile device or Apple TV. We think $15 per month is a small price to pay for the bloodletting to come.

For the nerds


If you are a crafty internet lord you can try your hand at buying an American subscription to HBO (priced at US$15 per month) with a good quality VPN. But be warned, HBO have in the past cleansed their user database of geo-hoppers. It’s still a semi-legitimate way of streaming.

For the advocates of delayed gratification


Do you live alone on a mountain? Does no-one in your office watch Game of Thrones? Are you patient like a monk? If you are one of these rare humans that can avoid both the temptation of weekly pleasure and the tentacle-like reach of GOT spoilers: this is for you. Wait the entire season out then buy all the episodes at once for around $20 on iTunes or Google Play.

We don’t recommend this at all


We all know that Australians love internet piracy. They represented over 12% of the global traffic that downloaded the premiere of Game of Thrones Season 6 from BitTorrent. Very naughty. Not that ANY of this matters, because we are sure YOU wouldn’t illegally download a television program (or car, or house).

There you go. Now before you get started, check out our 21 best fan theories of what to expect in Season 7 and re-watch (for the millionth time) this seasons two trailers! Remember, if you want a near limitless pool of Game of Thrones articles, head to inkl’s Game of Thrones tag.

Either way, you shouldn’t start watching season 7 until you’ve watched the trailers here, checked out who will die this season here, and read the 21 best fan theories here.