21 fan predictions for Game of Thrones Season 7

There are a lot of great theories out there about what to expect in Game of Thrones Season 7 and beyond. There is also a lot of trash. So, in preparation of the great day before us: here are the top 21 fan theories ranked from worst to best.

21. Jorah has his Greyscale healed. The show’s most pathetic non-Reek character tracks down the suspiciously wise and helpful masked lady from Qarth. Makes sense, but we still don’t care.

20. Cersei turns into a Mad Queen. Whatever, already happened.

19. Little Finger marries Cersei. Boring. Although Cersei may well need the knights of the vale in the near future.

18. Tyrion is a Targaryen. So the imp is actually the son of the Mad King Aerys II (who raped his mother, Joanna).It would explain why Tywin hated his guts, but doesn’t change much for us.

17. Jon and Sansa are going to wed. Now that HBO has cleared up the R + L = J scenario, we can finally ship the two. Kissing cousins is better than kissing siblings. It’s also VERY cold up North at the moment. Nothing to get excited by.

16. Sansa is pregnant. With none other than Ramsay Bolton’s child. Not into it one bit.

15. Jon Snow is Azhor Ahai. Duh. He can’t die and waves a sword of Valyrian steel around the place like it’s going out of fashion. Melisandre has tickets on him. Obvious choice (unless the creators have been reading the forums and want to hurt our feelings again).

14. Hound v Mountain. This is less of a prediction and more of a certainty. If the two brothers Clegane don’t duke it out at some point the fans will be baying for blood.

13. Meera Reed is Jon Snow’s sister. An oldie but a goodie. Curls are good.

12. Euron Greyjoy is magic. Remember the pesky warlocks in Qarth who played hide and seek with Dany’s baby dragons? Well, they drank Night of the Evening (makes them odd, gives them magic, makes their lips turn blue). Guess who else drinks Night of the Evening…

11. Missandei is a Faceless Man. We’re happy to see this one occur as long as Missandei and Grey Worm still marry.

10. Bran is the reason for Aerys II’s insanity. Our trigger-happy dreamwalking Stark boy plays it fast and loose when zooming around history. The show suggests that when he visits memories with the Three-Eyed Raven he is ACTUALLY there. Remember, young Ned heard him outside the Tower of Joy…

9. Davos is Azhor Ahai. What?

8. Jamie Lannister is Azhor Ahai. Go on… Apparently the Valyrian words for ‘Lord and ‘Light’ are very similar to ‘Gold’ and ‘Hand’. We’re listening.

7. Bran lets the White Walkers through the Wall. The Night King used the force / ‘Inceptioned’ Bran and stole the designs (magical or otherwise) to the largest impediment to their march south. Fingers crossed for this because it would be hilarious.

6. Bran is Bran the Builder. Time travel time! Bran goes back 8,000 years and puts up the Wall, somehow. It would be make perfect sense if he was the one who accidentally let the Night King through.

5. Lady Stoneheart appears. Lovers of the books have howled at the omission of Catelyn Stark’s murderous vengeful resurrection. Get her in the fight!

4. Arya becomes Lady Stoneheart. Yes please. Although we aren’t entirely sure how well Arya will be able to string people up by the neck considering her size.

3. Daenerys becomes the villain. Some actors have tried to shoot down this theory, but what do they know? It would be very much in character for Dany to ride Drogon into King’s Landing and simply roast everyone.

2. Jamie kills Cersei. This would be fantastic and fits in well with the current canon. Cersei’s prophecy foretold lots of terrible things (Margaery taking everything, losing her children, basically her life falling apart), but it specifically mentioned that she would be killed by her ‘valonqar’ which translates to ‘little brother’. We all thought it would be Tyrion, but what if…

1. The Night King gets a zombie dragon. 10/10 would watch.

Also, a special mention goes to the bizarre humans out there who believe that Ned Stark isn’t dead. There are more than a few holes in the theory that a Syrio Forel, Jaqen H’ghar and Stark were part of an elaborate three-way face swap, but we praise the ambition.

Now that you are up to date on this, watch the trailers and make your own predictions here and find out where to watch Season 7 here.

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