What we do with your information

Today we'd like to talk about you, and your data. As you know by now, inkl does not carry messages from advertisers. Today we’ll tell you why. 

One of the problems with sophisticated modern 'ad delivery devices' like social media is that they can target our deepest fears, desires and vulnerabilities with unprecedented effectiveness. The unnerving accuracy of these platforms leaves targets with little hope of escape. Advertising has in some ways become an unfair contest. But even aside from that, when you read inkl we want you to focus on the stories, and enjoy the experience, rather than be annoyed by ads. 

Our other consideration here is data security. You might be wondering what data we collect, and why. Our guiding principle is to capture information only if we need it to serve you. That means we track how and when you use inkl. We look at the number of times you use inkl, the devices you use, the articles you read, and the various screens and buttons that you tap on. This information helps us in a few ways. First, it lets us improve the relevance of the news we show you. Second, it helps us understand how you're using inkl and what we can do to improve it. Third, it ensures that we can track down issues that you may encounter. And finally, it ensures that we can account for and pay news publishers for every article you buy from us.

This information is stored anonymously, and securely. It is never shared with third parties. And it is entirely at your discretion to have us scrub every single bit of information about you from our system with one single, simple instruction.

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