How we decide what news to show you

Hi there. This is the first of a five-part introductory series to inkl. Over this series we will share some information on the inner workings of inkl that you, as a reader, have a right to know. You will learn how we decide which stories to show you, who we partner with and why, how we treat your data, what to do about subjectivity in the news, and how we plan to eradicate fake news.

To get started, we’d like to pull back the curtains and reveal how our journalists decide which stories we show you. The inkl news experience is built around three considerations that create a compelling and comprehensive news service – significance, serendipity, and relevance.


News discovery at inkl starts with the stories that you need to see. We identify the world's most significant news by tracking how editors of the best newsrooms rank stories. These ranks, along with factors like age, length, and origin are used to construct your Lead Stories list.


Our second critical objective is to also show you stories you wouldn't see otherwise. These are found the hard way – by our journalists wading through thousands of articles for the most surprising, uplifting, and thought-provoking gems. These go into Our Picks and Good News.


Third, we also need to show you the news that matters only to you – your sports teams, your city, your industry, and your passions. This approach is used to build the For You list. It learns as you read. You can also train it by tapping the “+” button and adding more topics to it.

Our unique mix of human and algorithmic curation is designed to create the world’s most useful and enjoyable news experience.

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